Lena Mossum

Story of a lifetime

Paloma is in my garden, you can smell spring. She is happy with her new sunglasses and cardigan. Because in the sun you don’t feel cold but of course it is not hot.

The day before we leave Spain Paloma and me went to se some almond trees in blossom, it is always wonderful all these small flowers. It feels a little bit sad to leave home for such long time, we will be in Venezuela for at least 7 weeks and then south of Spain.

We were working in a private club in Acarigua, Venezuela, but it had its savage parts. To the left

you can se Paloma, undressed and wanting to feel free. The only thing that she is wearing is some

beads around her neck, beads for protection.

While we were filming at the hacienda of the family Carolina Herrera's haciende in Caracas, there was a riot in the prison inside Caracas, which we had to pass every day. The last day going to the hacienda there was some gunfire very close to the car and the driver made all he could to get out of the situation as quick as he could. We felt happy about going soon back to Spain.

When we came back home Paloma started to be a little bit strange. She wanted a new dress……..so she spent a lot of time with my documentation that I use for my films. Suddenly she was just looking into nowhere.... big silences……….

I really started to be worried.

Finally she decided how she wanted the dress look like…….she wanted something between Orfelia in Hamlet, Scandinavian summer fairy and I don’t know what……….

Finally she decided how she wanted the dress look like…….she wanted something between Orfelia in Hamlet, Scandinavian summer fairy and I don’t know what……….

Here you can see her with the total outfit. We made some pictures in my garden. Then she also wanted to make some pictures with her bird Alma (Spirit)

Alma appeared one day in the garden and they made such good friend…

I didn’t know what Paloma was planning, I could never have imagined……..

I woke up this wonderful summer day; everything was so quiet, not even the birds in my garden was making any noise………how strange. My dogs Lula and Mayo, that in the beginning didn’t like Paloma but they ended up loving her looked very sad. How strange I thought for my self………something is bad…….very bad……..finally Lula and Mayo showed me the place….

I was stunned……… what was this……….what happened?????

I saw the letter and many things felt in place…….my dear Paloma……I’m so sorry……..so very sorry….I couldn’t imagine………read her note. I prepared her trip back to Sweden I can only say that she will be in my hart for ever.


The End

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A suicide letter

Dear Lena
I have been thinking back and forth and in the end I have decided that this will be the only solution.
One day I overheard by a coincidence that you were forced to take my life. Ever since then I have seen how this thought has tormented you, and I suffered with you.
I am greatful for the time we got together. I also understand the thought behind all this.
So now, I take my fate in my own hands....

Your para siempre

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From Sweden to sunny Madrid

Right photo. After being traveling during days Paloma finaly arrived in Madrid, the journey had been long, everything was frightening so Paloma grabbed a Swedish tablecloth and the Dala horse and went to sit in a corner. This house is dangerous with two hairy dogs........
Left photo. Lisa and Paloma holding hands together the 25 of december 2011

Left. The first contact with Lula. As there is so much sun in Spain so she got a pair of sun glasses

Woopy, I came to a house full of nice things. I think this will be fun, I just ordered a dress.........

My god.......I am beeing kidnapped by Lula........or........
....there is another dog to......and he is licking his mouth..........

Hi again, this is a closeup, don't I look gorgeous? I had some new sun glasses and I got my dress. My order of clothes is getting bigger for every day. As Lena and me are looking on many films I just must have some more things. I am starting to feel as a movie star..........

With the dogs........its getting better but I have to watch myself...........

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Costume Designer Lena Mossum

Since 1988 I work with film in Spain, national and international, in the costume department. It is as if all peaces in my life fell in place. I didn’t know that this job existed. When I was in Stockholm I studied pattern cutting and I went a year to Nyckelviksskolan, textiles. Also I started to study art history at the university. Today it seems that I had a plan. My love for history and clothes…….reed textiles came together. In film I started as a trainee and worked my way up. Today I work as a Costume designer.

Read more about Lenas background

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Bones and cold water

Kerstin Jakobsson
Paloma's background as a tablecloth in pale pink and green, probably from the late 30-ies or early 40-ies. I took her outdoors for a walk in the forest a cold day in early January and I suspect she might be suicidal, she was immidiately drawn to the cold water, caves and a old hunting cabin. Or maybe it is only our cold climate in Scandinavia that affects her. Or could it be memories from the Second War she carries through her origin? I also think half of her face looks sad. Anyhow, now she's gone to a much warmer Spain, to Lena Mossum. Will the climate change do Paloma good, or will she complete some kind of fate?

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