Lars Persson

The Apprentice is Injured!

Well, this is embarrassing. But I could not help myself.
Teach got hold of this AMAZING tower clock.

Heeeyyyyyaaah! But it won't budge.

It is BIG and POWERFUL and so INTERESTING. So I had to have a look see, even though I was supposed to sort ridiculous watch parts and junk. The whole thing stands on two step ladders and you wind it with a crank. It has a MONUMENTAL pendulum and a huge weight that makes it go. When you wind it, you do it with a CRANK. Couldn't do it. I just do not weigh enough. It SUCKS to be stuffed with fluff. You can not put any weight into things.

Pretty, but BIG wheels are turning...

So, I climbed on board to have a closer look at how things work. Now isn't that interesting! Such power! Crushing forces are at work here. We clearly are on a different scale now. So exciting!

Oh no! The Apprentice got stuck in the workings!

Well, and here comes the silly bit. Just could not keep my mitts away. I just HAD to put my hand to those big wheels. So I got stuck. Damn! And got hurt too! I was afraid that I was going to get sucked in whole in this MACHINE and be chewed to bits and rags! Luckily, I got rescued. And got told that was an idiot. Well, duh! I KNOW that I got a fluff brain. So, where does the surprise part come in?

Deported and sulking at Kerstin's exhibition.

Yes, it did hurt. Yes, I got told never to do something as silly again. And yes, I was stiched up, got a bandage and sent to exile to Kerstin's exhibition. So I would not get into trouble AGAIN. I wonder how long I will have to sit here... Kerstin is a nice and all, but I do not feel good about it anyhow...

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Siblings, are you there?

I sense muted vibrations in the ether.
My siblings are out there, although some might not be.. Very confusing!
I so wish I could reach out to you and tell you that I am fine and that I am thinking of you all..
I got hold of this crystal ball and although I try and try, all I get is CNN sports..
Teach got a Revue GT pocket watch going today and seemed very pleased. And I got stuck in the demagnitising unit. Curses! But it's okay. I am learning. The hard way.

Do drop me a line, okay?

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A Nasty Operation

One day teach suddenly said: My GAWD! Your EYES are overgrown!! Well no WONDER! So... I was going to get something called eyesight, apparently vital for watchmaking. And it had to involve a complex operation too, something I wasn't so keen on... So I hid in one of the drawers in the watchmaker's bench until he found me one day. Bummer...

Resolutely (and before I had a chance to vanish AGAIN), I was hauled off to XRAY.

Well, that was unpleasant, I can tell you! But worse was to come! Of we went to OPERATION!
Nurse Kerstin was to assist, I was told. And also document the proceedings.
All I can tell was the sound of rattling instruments..

And then a sting in my left arm and I was out cold.
The procedures were documented by that strange and outlandish Nurse Kerstin (Gawd knows where SHE finds her pleasures!) and brought to you here. Brace yourself! It is nasty stuff!

When I came to again, there was a very sharp pain in my eyes and a LOT stronger light than the usual dull red glow I usually can see. But now, a new world has opened up, and you can not believe how much easier it is to understand teacher now! It truly is a miracle! I can see!

Until next time, watch out for dogs, cats, cars, mad humans, streams, electricity, fire, seismic forces, drugs, excessive physical activities, horses and blunderbusses!

Hugs all around and I will write to you later!

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Tidings from the Apprentice

Hi siblings! It's been tough being an apprentice, I can tell you that much! My teacher kept telling me to look what he was doing, but I could not relate to that. I mean, what does it mean 'to look'?
So I tried to drown my sorrows in drink, but that was no good. My sorrows could swim...

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Starting a new career

Brothers and sisters!
As you know, I never was the adventurous type.
Soooo... I thought I should start something new for myself. Something less dangerous. All right, I do not get out much, but it is quite fascinating with the watches and clocks and gadgets and thingamajiggers. I could get used to this! Yeah! Watchmaking is the thing for me! long as I keep clear of the lathes and drills and other scary contraptions in the shop...
If your watch battery runs flat – WHO you gonna call?

A Flower Doll, who ran away and hid.

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The doll that wouldn't leave

Most people have been very upset with the idea of murdering dolls. Also my husband, who one day decided to just kidnap a doll from me. He says this doll will never have violent experiences far away on other continents. In stead the doll will be educated in a very safe skill, as a watchmaker. How safe will this actually be?

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