Kate Gorman

The Little Birds House

Little Bird now sleeps for eternity in her own bird house. She is a true sleeping beauty.

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Little Bird Hit by a Car

Alas, Little Bird is dead. She and the Gnomester were getting together to play in the sunshine.
Little Bird was so excited, I could hardly keep her from running out into the street. The dolls called "hallå" to each other, ran into the street and into each others arms and whoosh.... a car came by and just as the two dolls met, crash, splat, the dolls were crushed.

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Chicago Sightseeing

Posing at the Bean!    On the Bull!     On the Bridge!     Oops! Hang on tight Little Bird!

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Christmas Card

It is Christmas and Little Bird is sitting in my Christmas tree. She wanted to be the angel, but is a bit afraid of heights!

She enjoyes hanging out in the tree with Dangerous the cat, but NO Swedish treats!

Merry Christmas,
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A Barbie Halloween

At Halloween, Little Bird got to hang out with some ghoulish Barbie dolls next door, and it seemed to give her a taste for death....
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Little Bird takes a vacation and 

has a brush with death

A few weeks later, Little Bird went on vacation with me and Jim. We went to northern

Top left. The Bed and Breakfast was pretty cozy.
Top right. Big Lake Michigan

Down left. Little Bird decides to go for a swim,
but the water is rough!
Down right. Holy Moly! A girl could drown out there!

Little Bird is tossed back on shore,
escaping death for the first time...

Whew. Some lakes are better from the shore....

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Little Bird goes to work

Once fully accessorized, Little Bird went to work with me.

Top left. She enjoyed answering the 

Top right... and running the cash register.

Left. She played on the artwork in the

Down left. ...and on the scroll saw in the

Down right. But found the table saw 
much too scary!

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Artist Kate Gorman

I am a visual storyteller. I love stories, I love telling stories in a visual medium. I work in fabric because of the tactile and textural qualities inherent in cloth, and I do narratives because the story is a natural starting point for me.

My background is in illustration and literature. After working for many years as an illustrator-for-hire working in watercolor and pen-and-ink, I fell in love with textiles and began making contemporary narrative art quilts.

When not in my studio, I work at Goodwill Art Studio and Gallery, creating art with adults with disabilities. Also, I am an Ohio Arts Council residency artist, traveling around the state sharing my love of narrative quilts with schoolchildren
of all ages.

“The Universe is made of stories, not atoms” -- Muriel Rukeyser"

Top left, Eve/Zoe
Left, Migration
Top right, Icarus/Theodore
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A Facelift for Little Bird

Little Bird gets a smile


a face

and accessoires
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Little Bird

On July 31 Little Bird came home to Ohio with me from Sweden. Pale, sweet, and naked, except for a shawl. Featureless, but with beautiful red flowers embroidered on her back and legs. My instructions from Kerstin were to show her a good time, photograph her adventures, kill her and send her back in her little handmade coffin. Little did I know how difficult that would be.

Little Bird travels to Ohio

We got to Ohio in the height of summer, it was quite hot, much hotter than the
Swedish summers the doll was used to (as a tablecloth). She enjoyed working in
the garden harvesting tomatoes, playing hide and seek in the zucchini and
hanging out with the laundry. Not so good at mowing the lawn, but she helps
where she can.

Little Bird helping out

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The First Explorer

Kerstin Jakobsson

This last July, Kate Gorman was the first artist to arrive to ARNAs artist in residence in The Avian Kingdom of Sweden. One day Kate and I talked about Adam and Eve, and Eve as the brave part of them. This was the ignition for me to create an art project about neglected textiles as brave explorers.

A few days later I made the first doll out of a hundred years old embroidery. Once this textile was used as a towel curtain, a piece to look pretty in front of kitchen towels. Now it was cut out to be a slim, pale and adventurous Swedish Explorer.

Kate named her "Little Bird" and has given her many experiences since then. I even heard she had tried to kill Little Bird three times, but the doll still hanging in there...

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