Irene Christensen

Lulu's Broken Heart

This is the last photo of Lulu, who died of a broken heart after beloved friend MUMM, died after drinking to much Baileys.

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Artist Irene Christensen

Irene Christensen has exhibited in both Europe and the United States since 1983. Her art has been shown in many museums, such as Galeria Nacional, Costa Rica, Norsk Skogbruks Museum, Norway, Norwegische Tage, Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany, EFTA, Brussels, Belgium, Bergen Museum, NJ, USA, Paterson Museum, NJ, USA, Newark Museum, NJ, USA as well as many art centers and galleries including in Brazil, Israel and Argentina.

"Irene Christensen’s art is about painting as a magical act. Her images repeat and are transformed, as words and images in poems. She likes to maintain a sense of wonder in her art. That life is strange and quirky, and contradictory, that tragedy and comedy are vnot played out in separate theaters, but co-exist, side by side.”- Excerpt from art critic John Zeaman

I am involved in creating a personal iconography. These symbols are rooted
in the figurative and landscape images with colors setting moods rather than copying nature. These paintings are done through traditional oil or acrylic, mixed media, while the installations of metamorphic wooden boxes are about the merging of electronic age and organic life. They are my translation of the spirits, humor and erotics of life. - Irene Christensen


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Party with MUMM

Irene Christensen.
LULUʼs Journey

I was born in Harløsa, Sweden by Kerstin, who invented me out of a tablecloth with embroidery. My color is brown, nicely tanned, I think. I even have a little skirt, so perhaps I am really a Hula dancer.

From Harlosa, I travelled with another ragdoll, MUMM. I am a little envious of her as her owner, Charles Meyers, gave her a real face.

Upon arriving in the USA, I have been living at my mistress house, Irene Christensen. There is a lot to experience here, and I like it, but what a messy studio.

Lulu, Mumm and Mickey having a party
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The Norwegian witch

Kerstin Jakobsson
At last, this is a long way from the boring attic!

I am now living in the artist Irene Christensen's magical studio. She call it messy, but this is a really interesting place and there's many strange creatures here. They are the creations of Irene, she had created her own magical world in her art, with inspiration both from Norway and Costa Rica.

I am making new friends here, maybe I will be a Norwegian witch myself. This is life!

Top left, Lulu and Trollkjerringa
Top right, Exploring the studio
Down left, Lulu and the Sprits
Down right, Lulu and Strange beings
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Goodbye Harlösa and hello New York!

Kerstin Jakobsson

The artist Irene Christensen who visited ARNAs artist in residence in Harlösa, has chosen the brown girl as her companion and named her to Lulu. Already the day Irene said she should take Lulu with her back to her studio in New York, Lulu instantly wanted to go there but the only way she could find out to get there was to ride on a turtle.

- Let me out of the Swedish attic, let me see New York!

Bye Lulu, have fun
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A brown girl finds a friend

Kerstin Jakobsson
The brown tablecloth is reborn as a brown girl with pink flowers all over her body. Eager to explore, she soon found another brown girl in her creators shelf. They made friends.

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