How the Project Works

Dolls raised from the dead

Welcome to take part of this project description that originally was written for the artists taking part in the Runaway Explorers art project.

Kerstin makes 20 – 50 cm long rag dolls out of handmade, old and decorative pieces of
textiles. Take a rag doll with you back home to your studio, home or hometown. For a period, up to a couple of months, let the rag doll 'experience life' in any way you choose fit. It
can be one or many experiences. Make it thematic or sporadic, just let it follow your own personality. Document the dolls experiences by photo or as an artistic expression. The documentations, with short explaining texts, are going to be made public on a webpage Kerstin creates for this purpose.

After this short (or longer) life experience for the doll, you have to kill the doll (by
drowning, gun, hanging etc.) This shall also be documented (photo, text, 'police' drawings etc).

Send the 'dead' doll back to Kerstin in an envelope or box. The box will be the doll's 'coffin' and the coffin/envelope can also be an artistic expression. If several artists have dolls of which are given experiences at the same time, there can be 'a lot of life and death experiences' going on at the webpage.

When the 'coffin' is sent back to Sweden, also enclose a short text about your own experience
as a world explorer, going out into the world to get inspiration and knowledge and how
it has enriched your own life. In this early moment of the project I don't know the full outcome of it, formal exhibitions etc. I will be the creator of the project, the dolls, and I will write about decorative textiles and the connections between female, textiles and art. I also create the whole outlook of the project.

From you, as a cooperative artist, I only ask you to do as much, or little, as you think could be
fun, either it is a once in a lifetime single doll experience, or a longer period like a diary. But both should be made out of the lust of sharing your own thoughts of life as an artist and world explorer.

Kerstin Jakobsson