Gwen Surratt

A Master of Levitation

When the Gnomester come back home to Harlösa, something must happened to him during the long journey. He wasn't dead at all! Maybe it was because of the lotus position all that time. A miracle it was. Gnomester had learned to levitate!
With a happy smile on his face he softly swirled out into the garden, and like a blue saucer he disappeared up in the sky. Maybe this is how gnomesters die?

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To Much Fun Ended it All

It is with a heavy heart that I write this.  The Gnomester has been killed in an accident.  Gnomie is making the last journey home to Sweden. 
We were on our way to visit with Kate and Little Bird, and Gnomie was so excited that he ran out to middle of street to meet Little Bird halfway and they both were run over by a car.

The Gnomester was a welcomed addition to our family.  He made friends easily and seemed to take an impish delight with his adventure here in Ohio.

The Gnomester sat down in lotus position and got his own sleeping bag for the trip back to Sweden. He felt quite content, he had had so much fun.
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An Imp Called Gnomie

I am such a big help in the studio  ;  )

Playing outdoors

Gnomie and Dudley Do Right

Getting to know Lamar, the new Kitty...

Hey, you can let me go now!
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Yoga in the Christmas tree

Dear Kerstin,
I have been busy in my new home.  I had a make over, with new hair, lips and eyes.

A new cat, named Lamar came to live here.  This place might be a bit more dangerous than I thought it would be!!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Lutefisk, Lefse, and Swedish Meatballs right here in central Ohio!  And on Christmas day, I hung out in a the tree with a funny looking Angel.

I am learning to channel my mischievous energy through meditation.  I sit a lot with  Buddha, Ganesha, and Kuan Yin.  And sometimes I do Yoga..

Next week, I am going to court!! I am not sure what I did, but will let you know how it all turns out..
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Artist Gwen Surratt

I love making art quilts, and items that are functional . I come from a long line of traditional quilters. Learning to knit, sew and weave at an early age has given me a rich appreciation of color and texture. I am greatly inspired by my heritage and love to push the envelope of tradition.

My work has a strong base of color and movement. The medium is fiber, fabric, thread and yarn.

I design intuitively, beginning with geometric shapes and their asymmetrical variations. These shapes often take on an architectural design, growing into villages, towns and countryside.

I am also a Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist. It seems I work in fibers of all kind.

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Letter from Ohio

Dear Kerstin,
I escaped from the cushy envelope!  And seemed to have landed somewhere in OHIO.  There are two people who live here with a big brownish red dog, named Ruby.
The woman is called Gwen or sometimes her man calls her Gven.  The man is Scott, but sometimes she calls him Sven.  They seem nice enough and have been introducing me to some of their friends, as you can see in the photo's. 
Will write more later.

The Gnomester

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A Gnome Goes West

A blue Christmas decorative with a Swedish gnome, the type you need to be nice to, or else he do bad things to your house, cattle or harvest. But this gnome slips out of the box on the attic and become a slim doll with God Jul (Merry Christmas) on one of the legs. Soon the doll is packed in a big envelope and is sent to U.S.  That will be looong way from home.

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