Einat Moglad

Goodbye to this world

Sarah went to meet Maya Gelfman to see and experience her art, but before she had a chance to do so, Sarah collapsed. Sarah suffered from a heart attack that was induced by her physical and mental stress from visiting all the different artists. Sarah was too sensitive and being exposed to all those great artists finally drove her poor heart over the edge.

Sarah was lucky that Maya was a Heart Artist. Maya did all she could to keep Sarah alive. However, Sarah's injuries were to grave due to her nasty fall, making her condition very complicated. After a long struggle to keep Sarah alive, Maya was forced to call her death at 12:48 may 15th. Due to this unfortunate event, Einat and Maya conducted a small funeral for Sarah giving their respects to Sarah's glorious life and death. During the act of mourning, Einat and Maya had a chance to talk to each other about matters of the heart. Sarah will be missed. 

Sarah's death

Sarah's final box

mourning Sarah
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Sarah meets Hadar Emanuel

Sarah went to meet Hadar and had a chance to see an Israeli Moshav. The Emanuel's family has a farm with olive trees, Sarah loved the view and surroundings of their farm where Hadar keeps her art work. meeting Hadar in her childhood home revealed a lot about Hadar's inspiration, materials and art themes.

Sarah getting more publicity around the internet in the curator Sapit Huverman web site 
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 A tour to Golan Heights

In Maalot Tarshicha there is an annual stone carving festival. Sarah went there to meet some of the artists that work on the site. Sarah had a chance to see some international art and artists at the festival .

Sarah meets Uval Lufa

Sarah meets Awida Hatam

Sarah meets Aviva Berger

Guillaume Bessoule - a French artist that Sarah couldn't really talk to. However, art  helped overcome the linguistic difficulties.
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The Great Lady Cocorico

Sarah went to see Neta Amir who is a doll maker. Sarah met her dolls and was very happy meeting someone in her own size. Sarah met Neta's large doll Lady Cocorico. Sarah loved her very much though she wasn't allowed to be too close to the Lady. On the visit she met some more good friends and interesting dolls that you usually don't meet very often.

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Sarah Meets Textile Artist

Edit Friedberg Kaplan - karmey yousef
Sarah travel to Meet Edit From Karmey Yosef. Edit is a textile artist and she specializes in various textile techniques. Edit designs and creates many interested things that Sarah enjoyed seeing.  Sarah enjoyed playing with Edit Garments and art works . Edit felt that Sarah Really understands Her and saw that Sarah has a unique connection to Edit work. It was a lovely Spring day at Karmey Yosef and arts and nature gave them both a good mood for art.

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New Israeli Space

I present a photo of her from the exhibition "new Israeli Space" in which she participated
 and 3 images from her tour in Tel Aviv  and TLV museum

From the Holocaust memorial site by the Israeli Artist Yigal Tomarkin in Rabin Square

Between a museum and a parking lot- a picture from the inside om Tel Aviv Museum for the fine arts

From the out side of the TLV museum in the sculpture garden
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Letter from Exhibition

Hi Kerstin
Sarah will be presented in an exhibition "The New Place" in Jerusalem. In the exhibition she will show how Israel looks from her point of view,' I hope to have Pictures of her in the gallery as well.
Be in touch shortly

At Jacob Sasson's Studio and house

Sarah visited another unique artist lately: Jacob Sasson house. Jacob is an artist specializing with wood, specifically wood that was originally used for doors, doorframes and windows. He only collects thrown objects such as these if they are a hundred years old. He can tell the year of the object by the metal work of the door or the style of the window knobs. He finds this type of unique material from looking around buildings that are about to be restored. He collects the pieces of "junk" and brings them back to his studio where he brings them back to life. For instance, He can convert one of these ancient doors into a table, or take a discarded doorframe, chop it down, sand it and make a brand new-old bench.

Sarah couldn't believe seeing all that old beauty being thrown away just for a brand new lookalike. Such rustic lovely objects being thrown away into the proverbial cultural attic.

Just like her in a way…

Sara's pleased there are still people round the world willing to pump new life into old objects, making them fresh in new and innovative way

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Artist Einat Moglad

I am deeply interested in aspects of relational art and wish to find/create a new relationship between the art of painting, which has such extensive heritage and create a challenge within the viewer that will force him to take a different approach to viewing.



Creature,5000cable ties, 1x1.6m


left, Untitled,fountain pen on paper, 20x30 cm

top, Untitled,marker on paper, 1mx1.4m

right, Untitled, marker on paper, 1.5mx2m
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The White Square

Dani Karavan was the next stop on Sarah's journey. Karavan specializes in architecture like sculptures and made "The white square" in 1989 in honor of Tel-Aviv's History and Geography. Like many other visitors to this place, Sarah tried to find her way around the arena, experiencing this monumental and playful sculpture.


Sarah exploring the White Square


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The Great Knitter

Sarah traveled to the north of Israel to meet a sculptor named Jacob Horvitz who specializes in stone and wood. The Great Knitter is a sculptor he made in honor of his late mother who was herself a great crafts woman, and an inspiration to him to this very day. Horvitz impressed Sarah the way that woman and her craft had so much power and effect on future generations and especially mature artist who cuddled under her wing.


Left, The Great Knitter

Down, Rosh Pina


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Sarah's Quest

Sarah searches for her place in the world. She has been neglected for dozens of years. She needs to find her place in the world of arts and crafts from which she was born. Sarah seeks to find her roots in the world of craft while aspiring to promote her status from a craft object to a muse of the fine arts. She travels far and wide amongst artists and artworks, meeting new people who can provide her with different answers for her place in the world of visual arts. Through her experiences with different artists and their work, she finds herself longing to belong to something of greater stature than her mere 35 cm height. Sarah wants to be Art.

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Blue Sarah

Kerstin Jakobsson
Einat Moglad from Tel Aviv in Israel chose a blue cotton fabric for her doll. She said the fabric
remembered her about Jewish traditional textiles and named the doll "Sarah". The fabric also could be a very Swedish choice, we Swedes are famous to prefer blue colors. Blue cotton fabric could also be a very common choice for a working girl during the 30-ies or 40-ies for her every day dress for work, just as this fabric once was used to. During that period so many young women went out in the world to earn their own money and with the possibilities that gave, form their own lives. Blue for the mood or for action? We will see...


Sarah on the go

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