Charles Meyers

MUMM and Baileys

MUMM should have stuck to champagne, but it was the Bailey which did her in.

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A Death in Champagne

A picture tells more than thousand words. This is the photos from MUMM's last party together with Charles, Irene and Lulu. It was both hot and wet.

MUMM in front of Charles Nocturnal drawing. This is going to be a party!

 MUMM and Dan mask

MUMM resting

MUMM rides the horse....

MUMM needs coffee


A death in champagne! A life in New York can turn out to be both hard and short.
MUMM drank too much of the champagne and was buried with her friends, the corks.

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Sex, Drugs and Rockn'roll

Mumm left the bird nest and all the cute girliethings. Now she's trying to get more attutude!
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Artist Charles Meyers

The first step to Meyers’s art is a written theme. It might be a long poem or a “Fortune Cookie Line”. The imaginary imagery moves from amorphic to figurative. The air floats further with dots of painted color which adds to the “in-out” inventive magic of the paintings of Charles Meyers.


Venice cherube, oil and vera oro on canvas

Rivera, oil and vera oro on canvas
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A Cuckoo in the Nest

Kerstin Jakobsson
From a small tablecloth in the Swedish colors blue and yellow, this robust girl wanted to become something quite different! The artist Charles Meyers from New York seemed to be the way out from this pretty restrained little backyard of the world. Give me some action Charles!

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