Alejandra Lopez-Yasky

The End of Esmeralda

The story of the end of Esmeraldas life is a very sad one.

After having a short but sweet, simple, contemplative life with some highlights as watching sunsets at a mexican beach or being friends with a white dog called Yaky….

One day I knew I had to do it. I had to give end to her life, because that was a fundamental part o f the “deal”

What is a good death? What kind of death would she have?

Suddenly I thought of her closest friend, Yaky the white dog…

Now there are two dogs at the house, Yaky and Lola, the black female dog…

I gave her to them, so they could do the job I was commanded to.

They started smelling her, playing with her and they got excited….

I left them doing their job in the garden, so that they could really transform her.

She got lost for a couple of days… I was very worried not to be able to see her again… the dogs had hidden her behind some stones in the garden.

Finally I found her, not in really good shape…

But recognizable anyway.

That is how I send her back from where she came from.

I hope she rests in peace now.

Alejandra López Yasky

Esmeralda still alive

The dogs struggle for Esmeralda

Lola has her share

Yaky is biting Esmeralda

Yaky keeps Esmeralda for days in the garden

Esmeralda on her way back to Sweden
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Esmeralda Sees the Sea

As you can see, I drew eyes on
Esmeralda with watercolors so she
could experience the big sea with
her own eyes. 
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Artist Alejandra Lopez-Yasky

Ways of Creating Worlds
by Carolina Spinelli
"Alejandra was born in Hermosillo, Mexico. She spent several childhood summers at the Sonora desert while visiting her father. Since then she is observing nature.
Her medium is painting, because it is the language with which she identifies the most since she was a child. Through it, she can exteriorize several ideas at the same time.
Concepts tha compose her way of creating worlds;
Family Constellations
Mental Maps"
Read the whole article about Alejandras work at

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Esmeralda, the Mexican Girl

I am trying to settle a dialogue beetween Yaky, my dog, and her.
Her name is Esmeralda, because of her color and because she inspires hope in me, like the emerald....

The doll dressed with a typical mexican clothe in this case made of paper, sitting, waiting for me to bring her to some adventure...

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Doll and Dog

Kerstin Jakobsson
The second doll I made was made out of a decorative piece to use for Easter with spring flowers in cross stitches. She got some purple hair, tried her best to be cute. Then her new mistress said she would like to give her to her dog. She's a little nervous over that.... stiff like a stick actually.

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